Special high quality birch plywood with a clear UV topcoat, features unique decorative characteristics of real wood and keeps it off scratches and chips. SVEZA UV is ready for cutting and milling pre-finished panel. It saves time, labor, equipment costs and waste accrue in the furniture and cabinet components production process.

1. Reduces labor time and costs

2. Formats 5x5, 5x10, 8x4x8

3. Pre-finished product

4. Beautiful real wood appearance


SVEZA plywood with UV coating gives a time savings on a surfacing process, there is no need to make preparation work. SVEZA UV finished plywood brings out a natural texture of real birch veneers, gives a variety of colors with a range of coverages. SVEZA UV finished plywood is under strict control for formaldehyde emission according to the DIN EN ISO 12460-3 method and fully complies with CARB ATCM и EPA TSCA VI.


1. Drawer sides

2. Cabinet components and interiors

3. Furniture and interiors

Application: Furniture and interiors