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Sveza is a community united by the ideas of environmentally friendly. Production and responsible forest management. Together we implement investment projects, monitor and improve safety standards, and do charity work.

Environmental safety improvement projects are implemented at all Sveza plants. One of the most important issues for the company is the minimization or complete elimination of harmful emissions into water sources.

First of all, they concern such areas as optimization of generation of various wood waste, minimization of harmful atmospheric emissions, ensuring treatment of high concentration industrial drains, cleaning of flush drains

Sveza mini combined heat and power production plant in Manturovo. As a result of project, the enterprise obtains heat and power in complete cycle mode. It is possible through the processing of core production waste.
Sveza has developed an appropriate program until the end of 2022.
It allows to reduce the emissions to the minimum, and completely eliminate them in some plants, establishing a closed water circuit. Moreover, Sveza's plywood mills in Russia practice responsible forest management and use 100% legally procured and harvested wood.
The company’s forest and supply chain management systems are based on international sustainable forestry standards. Sustainable development is aimed to save the environment, assist the sustainable development within the corporate footprint, improve the quality of life of employees and local residents.